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With two decades of experience behind us, our company, Serigrafía Portal, is specialised in decorating glass bottles and containers for cosmetics and over-the-counter (OTC) products. We cover all the decoration processes and techniques for bottles and jars up to 1,000ml. Besides, we are one of the very few Spanish companies equipped with the technology that allows us to decorate vials. In other words, we can decorate from glass sample perfume vials to liquor bottles.


Since our foundation, in 1993, we have grown significantly. Our first facilities were located in a small factory in Barcelona, in the Poblenou quarter. We started printing car plates and advertising materials, until we became specialists in treating and painting glass packages for the cosmetic industry.


The increase output forced us to relocate to a newer and bigger factory, located in Sentmenat, Barcelona, in 2001. Nowadays, in this factory work 35 employees who are qualified to carry out all the techniques of this field: cold and hot screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing and glass painting (single layer, double layer, acid and etching).


Every day we decorate over 130,000 glass packages. You can easily find many of them in the counters of the main cosmetic and pharmacy dealers in Spain and the rest of the world. Thanks to the high quality of our products, to our competitive prices and to our team, we are proud to have efficiently served over 2,000 customers.



Serigrafía Portal

Serigrafía Portal


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