Screen printing is the technique that we use to transfer, into a glass container, the logo, drawing or words that every client send us.  There are two types of screen printing: cold and hot screen printing. The difference between both of them is the temperature and the resistance of the result.


For the hot screen printing, we transfer the design at 600 degrees. This process gives more resistance to the final decoration, which is impossible to scratch. On the other hand, the process for the cold screen printing is done at 180 degrees, and the result is also excellent.


Screen printing works

We can decorate any glass container with different colours. In our Works section, you can find examples of vials, bottles and perfume containers decorated with the screen printing technique.


This technique can be combined with the others: hot stamping, pad printing and glass painting.


Pintura efecto degradado de la base hacia la parte superior, para la marca Essence. Además de la pintura, se aplicó serigrafía para escribir la marca sobre el vidrio.

Glass container for Essence, decorated with screen printing and painting.


Técnica de matizado y serigrafía a dos tintas para la marca ISDIN.

Glass container for ISDIN, decorated using the matte painting and screen printing techniques.


Our cutting-edge equipment and qualified staff allow us to manage large orders, guaranteeing the best quality.