In 2016 we bought two new painting lines, which are located in our factory in Sentmenat. The new technology allows us to offer all the painting techniques: single layer, double layer, matt painting, acid and etching. As we are committed to our environment, we always work with non-toxic inks (without paint thinner nor heavy metals). Despite the inks are more expensive, they cause less pollution and offer an excellent quality.


Painting works

Envase de Zara decorado con pintura monocapa y serigrafiado

Zara’s container decorated with a single layer paint and screen printing

Viales decorados con pintura efecto matizado y serigrafía.Vials decorated with matt painting and screen printingPintura efecto transparente para Essenza. Además de la pintura, se le ha aplicado serigrafía para grabar la marca y logo del producto. Essenza’s container decorated with transparent effect painting and screen printing